Charlie Knoles says "Life is a Game"

January 13, 2016

Charlie is wearing a Connection Heritage Mala 

Charlie Knoles knows a thing or two about meditation. Under the guidance of his father, Vedic meditation guru Thom Knoles, Charlie began meditating at the age of 4. After a life-path that lead him through the study of science, a stint as a front-man for a band, and a career in business, Charlie returned to his calling of teaching mindfulness and is now THE meditation teacher for companies like MindBodyGreen, Wanderlust, and (now) Modern ŌM.

Charlie is more than just a meditation teacher with a soothing voice. He’s an active participant in the conversation around what it means to be spiritual in the modern day. By connecting and organizing techniques (and principles) from Vedic, Buddhist, and modern practices such as flow state, Charlie is able to deliver ancient wisdom in modern terms and experiences. Basically, he’s on the forefront of making mindfulness understandable and accessible.

A few months back, Charlie and I played dominos during the 1st Modern ŌM photo shoot. We laughed half-jokingly that playing dominos is analogous to playing Life. I then asked Charlie if he believes that Life is a game. His response was fittingly deep for a meditation teacher… “Life is a constant state of play between our consciousness and our environment. As we learn to integrate our awareness more deeply through meditation it becomes clear that there is no such thing as good or bad news. We just get more opportunities to play, explore, and experiment with our outcomes. From this perspective, even our most difficult challenges can be fun and exciting.”

So yeah, according to Charlie, Life’s about play. It’s clearly a big game—the biggest one we participate in. And maybe, just maybe, there’s actually no winning or losing—just the excitement and joy of the play.

Modern ŌM chose Charlie to represent our 7th chakra-based intention, Connection. In Eastern spiritual tradition, the 7th chakra is found at the crown of the head, and is expressed as Violet. The crown chakra traditionally represents consciousness and our relationship with the universe. In his capacity as a meditation teacher, Charlie has guided thousands of students into the experience of Connection.

Charlie teaches courses in Vedic meditation all over the world. To learn more about his programs and to contact Charlie, visit www.thevedacenter.com or email him directly at charlie@thevedacenter.com.


Modern ŌM creates everyday objects at the intersection of ancient spirituality and modern design, using color and design based on the 3,000+ year heritage of ॐ and the chakras.

The modern world is ready for a modern ŌM.

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