Typoe, an Agent of Change

December 18, 2015

Typoe and statue wearing Purpose Heritage Malas

Typoe and statue wearing Purpose Heritage Malas

“Art is everything. It’s how I respond to things creatively,” Typoe told me last Saturday.

Typoe Gran is a cool cat I know, that bounces to his own beat. Growing up a rebellious youth in Miami, this ŌMie homie has invented himself as one of Miami’s most talented and prolific multi-disciplinary artists. A self-proclaimed commenter and a heckler, Typoe has taken on topics as varied as gang relations and organized religion, corporations and the massacre of war. And his medium is art.

“I destroyed a whole room today, but it was therapeutic. It was meditative. Me going back and transitioning into a time when I was younger and had all this aggression and working through that, and now creating something beautiful with that energy—taking negative and turning into a positive.”

Art is Typoe’s medium not only to influence the world he sees, but also to transmute the darkness (negative) in himself into light (positive). Powerful sentiment—especially when you consider that the Sankrit the name for one who turns dark into light is a guru. In that regard, Typoe is acting as his own guru.

In our inaugural photo shoot, Typoe represented Modern ŌM’s 3rd chakra-based intention of Purpose. The 3rd chakra is yellow, found in the solar plexus, and represents willpower, confidence, action, and the power within to achieve what you desire. Typoe exudes that assurity in himself and his objectives. Asked about his Purpose, Typoe ponders, “I respond to spaces and things…more as an Agent of Change and less as an artist. I see something, and feel I need to respond to it.”

Being an Agent of Change is a worthy Purpose, and is why we asked Typoe to be one of our initial ŌMie homies.


Modern ŌM creates everyday objects at the intersection of ancient spirituality and modern design, using color and design based on the 3,000+ year heritage of and the chakra system. 

The modern world is ready for a modern ŌM.

  • Myk Likhov
  • INTENTIONSNo. 3 / Purpose

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