6 Simple Ways to Overcome Procrastination

6 Simple Ways to Overcome Procrastination

Jennifer Grace is a highly effective transformational coach and an acclaimed author. Her intention is Expression, the voice that reveals the true and unique you. Here she explains how to use will and grace to overcome procrastination.


Being a procrastinator is a very common behavior. Some of us tend to procrastinate more than others, however, we can all identify with putting things off to the last minute and feeling that swell of anxiety and panic overcome us.

What makes us procrastinate?

Lots of things. Fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of success. Say you have an amazing idea to launch your new business. You are just about to dig in and make it happen, and one of these fears pops up and paralyzes you.

Our fears usually show up as a well-disguised excuse. They say things to us like, “Well, you can’t do this right now because it’s not perfect.” Or, “What if you fail and everyone laughs at you? Or, “You realize that when you succeed, your friends will feel inferior and you will wind up all alone at the top.”

Sound familiar?

We also tend to procrastinate when something is overwhelming, like cleaning out our garage (you know, the one you can’t walk through with out stubbing your toe on something like the cool spiralizer you have yet to bust out of the box?). Or we procrastinate when something is downright boring, like a fun filled trip down to the DMV, or, better yet, tackling our taxes.

We put it off because we would all rather be out having some fun. But when the fun ends and the clock is about to run out, Anxiety and Panic come knocking at our doors.

Don’t answer. I have a better duo.

Enter Will and Grace.

You remember Will and Grace, right? That fabulous 1990s TV show? Well, I’m not exactly talking about them, but they make a great analogy of what I am talking about. 

See, Will is the action and willpower you need to kick in when you want to get something done. And Grace is that space within you that can transcend all fear when you simply surrender and trust.

Here are six ways they can help you overcome procrastination.

1. When you feel overwhelmed
can help you break that task down into bite-sized action steps. Use the How, What, and By When tool. 

The What is your goal. For example: clean out the garage.

The How is your plan. Invite two friends over for a Mexican Margarita cleaning out garage party.

The By When is your deadline: This Sunday from 12-4.

2. When you fear the unknown
Let GRACE help you shift your perspective and instead of being fearful, dance in the unknown! Living every day wanting to be in control of everyone and everything around you prevents exciting, unexpected events to occur. Let go and allow!

3. When you fear change
To live with GRACE is to understand the concept of impermanence. Which means that the ONLY thing you can be certain of is uncertainty, and that nothing stays the same. When you embrace change, you are embracing the natural flow of life!

4. When something is boring
 is all about action. A good way to get yourself jump-started into doing an undesirable task is to set a timer and work on the task with your full attention for 30 minutes. No matter how unpleasant you find it, you can bear to do it for 30 minutes. 

When the time goes off, give yourself a 10-minute break to do something fun. Then repeat this 30-minutes/10-minutes pattern.

5. When perfectionism is getting in the way
There is certainly something to be said about doing it right. On the other hand, if you use the excuse, “It’s not perfect enough yet” to avoid either failing or succeeding, perfectionism has become fear in disguise.

Use GRACE to trust the process. Launch your ideas in phases. For example, Put up a “Phase 1 website” that can later be expanded and refined.

6. When you fear failure/success
Allow GRACE to help you surrender by asking yourself in your journal this simple question: What is the worst thing that will happen if I fail/succeed? Look at your answer. Can you handle that? I think you can.

With Will and Grace by your side, anxiety and panic won’t stand a chance.

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