Help Us Set 1,000 Inmates Free

May 31, 2016

In June, Modern ŌM is putting into practice the intention of Compassion. We want to remind ourselves, and to inspire others, to share our love with the world.

As a part of our commitment to mission and impact, we are supporting ŌMie Charlie Knoles in the most ambitious project we’ve taken on to date—to set 1,000 inmates free of the prison system. Charlie's not actually trying to break 1,000 people out of jail, however, but to bring meditation to inmates. 

Multiple studies show that meditation has a significant impact on re-entry into the prison system (a statistic called the rate of recidivism). Less people going back into prisons will have a huge positive ripple effect for society. 

Our fundraising Indigogo campaign is called “Help Us Set 1,000 Inmates Free.” All the details of the campaign can be found here.

If you donate $29Modern ŌM will send you a limited edition Freedom Mala AND will fund 1 inmate to learn how to meditate through Charlie's program. Please consider donating to this worthy cause via our Indigogo page.

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